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Helping clients close to or in retirement transition


Gratus Wealth Management caters to clients who are looking to retire in the next 10 years and people who are already retired.  Putting relationships first, our specialization in financial and investment planning for the decumulation stage is very different from the “generalist advisory firm.” After learning about you and your desired future lifestyle, we answer the questions:
“When can I retire?”
“How much can I withdraw from my accounts once I retire?”
“Will I run out of money?”
“When should we start Social Security?” 
“Will my family be OK when I am gone?”


Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow  planning

  • Retirement planning

    • Decumulation strategy​

    • Social Security Timing

    • Pulling from accounts with lowest tax repercussions

  • Transferring Wealth

    • Charitable Gifting​

    • Donor Advised Funds

Investment Management
  • Holistic approach

  • Risk management

  • Investment discipline

  • Rebalancing

  • Diversification

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